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, and Network General was founded in 1986 by Leonard Shustek and Harry Saal.

Network General developed the Sniffer line of network analyzers.

In 1997, McAfee and Network General merged to become Network Associates.

The year Network Associates was formed, it acquired the popular PGP encryption software from Phil Zimmerman, but later sold it to the newly formed PGP Corporation (see.

In 2004, the company returned to its roots, selling its Sniffer business to investors who would recreate Network General and rename itself McAfee, Inc.

In 2011, McAfee was acquired by Intel.

Over the years, several antivirus companies have realized the benefit of offering a free antivirus subscription or a free trial period of a paid version to future customers.

Nobody invests blindly in something they can not see first-hand.

McAfee Antivirus Free Download enters the picture.

With the launch of free trial versions available for all of its commercial products, McAfee has ensured that no customer is left in the dark about the variety of its products and the security features that the company has to offer.

In the 30-days free trial period, users can access all the premium and paid features, without actually having to shell out a single penny.

They can see for themselves how the antivirus software works, what are the tools and features that are offered, and also if the current pack is suitable according to their safety requirements or not.

McAfee Antivirus Free Download, users can make an educated decision about which antivirus pack should they purchase to keep their devices secure from the numerous and rising cyber threats.
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