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Play sexgames
sex life and turbocharge your love making, then the Bad Girls Bible is the right place to find them.

While this article will show you the best bedroom sex games that you can play with your man, make sure to check out the rest of the site to learn about the best sex positions and some.

Box typeinfo stylerounded borderfullYou will notice from reading all of these bedroom sex games that almost each one involves at least some aspect of dominance and submission, which is a very powerful part of making your sex life more fun!/box.

The No O Game, the No O Game is the most popular of all my sex games.

The whole idea behind it is that you are trying to make your man orgasm as quickly as possible while timing how long it takes you with a stopwatch.

Meanwhile your man is trying to hold out from orgasming for as long as he can.

Then when you eventually do make him orgasm, record how long it took you from start to finish.

Next its his turn to try and make you orgasm as quickly as possible.

You need to try as hard as possible not to respond to his touching, caressing and massaging and try to prevent yourself from having an orgasm.
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