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Sauna sex

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Sauna sex
years ago.

Earthen sauna, earthen sauna in Karelia, the beginning of 20 century (Samuli Paulaharyu).

The most ancient saunas represented zemljanke, dug on the slope of the hill.

Zemljanke used mainly as a shelter during the winter.

Inside was a hotbed of the premises with stones.

The stones are heated at high temperatures up to the flames, then for them to get podbrasyvalas water vapour.

This allowed to raise the temperature inside zemljanke to such a level that people can stay in it without clothes.

The word "sauna" is an ancient Finnish word, which etymology is not clear, but initially it could mean a winter home of this type.

The earliest types of earthen sauna used mainly as housing, and only secondarily for washing.

Such buildings used as under the sauna, and under the shelter existed in Finland even in the 19 century.

But these were exceptional cases, or was caused by poverty, or the temporary nature of the use of such buildings.

In general, except for ancient times, sauna always located separately from the shelter.

Such descriptions of ancient documents found in saunas, starting with the 12 century.

The modern sauna earthen, the most modern type of earthen sauna has gingerbread roof and hinged doors, the entire facade can be made of logs.

This type of sauna is used in our day, and some believe sauna lovers earthen sauna is so good that even build new ones.

Sauna "on the black the standard type of saunas, remaining unchanged over the centuries, is a rectangular wooden building, which had only one room.
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