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one topic is off the table - politics.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ.

Kim and Kanye aren't going to hash out any political differences while working out their family issues in a remote Caribbean location with their kids.

In fact, we're told the couple hasn't talked politics in a long time.

Our sources say Kanye has made it clear to Kim he's continuing his bid for The White House.

And although there are lots of reasons (e.g., South Carolina rally ) she may have problems with his run, it's a non-negotiable issue.

Fact: There is clearly a political divide between the 2 - Kanye's pro-life, while Kim's worked for years with Planned Parenthood.

Remember, Yeezy took some shots at Planned Parenthood in his bizarre Forbes interview and got strong pushback from.

M, so, despite politics being a source of conflict between the two, they will not resolve differences in that department as they work to repair their marriage.

As we first reported.

Kim and Kanye are holed up in an island fortress far away from the paparazzi as they try to salvage a marriage that seems to be on the ropes.

CNN, so, it sounds like Kim and Ye won't bring.

President Trump, even though he praised them both, wednesday at The White House.

There is some common political ground between Kim and Kanye, though.

They're both on the same page when it comes to prison reform.

Kanye Files for Presidential Ballots with Michelle Tidball Listed as VP, Misses Deadlines.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West 'Trying' to Save Relationship.

Exclusive, jake Paul hasn't been low-key about showing off his weapons, and a casual display of 2 firearms in a recent video may have been a factor in the massive response by the FBI during the raid at his home.

In the vid, the YouTube star got pranked by his pal, Tanner Fox, who hung up a bunch of photos of Jake's exes in his room.

As you can see in the vid posted last month.

2 large guns are clearly shown hanging on the wall at the 7:48 mark.
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