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you get started?

In mid-2002, a friend from my local Linux User Group mentioned that he installed Debian.

For his kids, and was surprised to find the only drawing program included was Gimp which we both agreed was a little hard to use, even for adults.

Having written a number of open source games for Linux, I decided I could probably whip together something to fill the gap.

Who is the softwares intended audience?

Kids ages 3 to 12, though adults seem to enjoy it, too.

Its also been used for special needs kids and adults.

What are a couple of notable examples of how people are using your software?

Schools all over the world use it, often as a free alternative to commercial kids drawing software.

For a while, it was actually one of the only viable programs for Mac, back when OS X first came out.

Some art museums and childrens hospitals have used it, too.

What are the system requirements for your software, and what do people need to know about getting it set up and running?

Tux Paint became popular quickly, so for most of its existence, its been trivial to install.

On Windows, we provide both a self-contained installer (setup.
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