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Incest tube
a controversial subject, but art doesn't exist to cater to our sense of decency or wholesomeness.

Incest, being a great taboo, has been taken on by many directors and writers, in order to shock audiences and ask serious questions about the nature of familial and sexual relationships.

These depictions in movies run a wide gamut, but they always ask audiences to consider uncomfortable truths.

Spoilers from this point.

There are dozens upon dozens of films with plots regarding intrafamilial relations, from Hollywood classics like Chinatown to indie hits like The Ballad of Jack and Rose.

Yet no one does incest like the provocateurs of world cinema, and in particular, the Europeans.

Foreign movies handle the sensitive subject in myriad ways, from harrowing depictions of abuse within families and the denial that follows to oddly touching portrayals.

Watching films like Oldboy and Murmur of the Heart, we question whether these prohibited relationships are okay, or at the very least understandable and forgivable contingent upon circumstance.

That said, some incest films have been referred to as "the most f*cked up films" ever, some nothing more than a litany of increasingly absurd offensive scenes.

In other instances, real-life relatives have played sexually inappropriate characters on film. .

Check out the best foreign films about this taboo below.

Dogtooth, photo: Dogtooth /Kino International, its probably kind of hard not to develop an incestuous relationship with your siblings when they're the only people you see.

Yargos Lanthimos's bizarre Dogtooth (2010 a mother and father keep their three children completely isolated from the outside world.
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