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Sexin bedroom
an impulse to remain mobile, fluid, to changesurroundings." - Anais Nin from the Diary of Anais Nin Vol.

I dream of my escape.

From the center of Stewart Elementarysbaseball field, our physical education coach waves me farther into theoutfield with exaggerated hand movements.

"More left he yells."Further back." Its a position that may get a lot of action onSportCenter, but the fifth grade recess outfield grants me a cherishedtime-out.

With the temperature topping one hundred degrees, my goal isto move as little as possible.

If only I had a pocket-sized bedroom Icould snap together like a plastic Playskool shed.

A refuge I couldbring with me anywhere.

There is an entire culture of people who must have had the same dream:a group for whom the need to be home is pressing; yet the thought of aSuper Wal-Mart cul-de-sac community is a nightmare.

A mobile homeshould be, by definition, mobile.
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