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Mom and son sharing bed

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Mom and son sharing bed
few hours a day so I could get a break from his colic and ease back into work.

When my second son came along, I had a demanding job I loved and didnt want to lose.

So I went back to it full time after just a month, only to find myself so exhausted and alienated from my role as a mother (now with two children under six) that I quit my job, took.

According to attachment theory, by staying away from my newborn for up to eight or ten hours a day, I was pushing against instinct, and thats exactly how it felt.

By observing new mothers interact with their babies, and then revisiting these children a few years later, and again as young adults, psychological researchers can say with certainty that a solid parental attachment increases a childs sense of security.

But the impact of attachment goes far beyond the childs emotions.

This research shows that the quality of his first human bond also affects how well hell remember and learn in school, and his ability to get along with others.
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